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Hey Kevin  / Mom   Read >>
Hey Kevin  / Mom

Kev thought of you all last week.  We went on a cruise with friends of ours.  We offered a toast to you and talked about your cruise with your friends.  Bet you had as much fun as we did.  I even got your dad to zip-line and we went snorkeling.  It was fun.  Wish you were there with us in person; but I know that you were there in spirit watching over us and even laughing with us.  Miss you and am sending my love to you!


A song for Kevin  / Gail B. (just passing by )  Read >>
A song for Kevin  / Gail B. (just passing by )

I was just looking at web sites and came across Kevin's...I just wanted to tell you about a song it would really fit him the way you have told about his life on this site. the song is:

Heaven Was Needing a Hero .........By: Jo Dee Messina



thinking about you  / Jen Chladek (friend)  Read >>
thinking about you  / Jen Chladek (friend)


 I've been thinking of you so much lately (not that I have ever come close to stopping). Next weekend is the TAPS seminar at Ft Riley and I'm anxious and excited to share your memory with the other survivors I'll meet there. I know it will be a bittersweet time - I love finding others to relate to but I hate the circumstances. You know that you'll be on my mind a lot in the coming months... they were 'our months'. It's still so hard to not miss all the wonderful moments we shared back then. Take care up there and pray for all us down here.  Love ya always Jen

Merry Christmas  / Mom   Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Mom


We are waiting for Katie and Ryan to see if they can make it from Omaha today.  We will have a white Christmas; but can do without the ice and wind.  Merry Christmas!  We all miss you and will have a toast tonight in your honor and those who are and have served in the war.  As we celebrate our Lord's birth; we will always keep your spirit in our hearts.  I know that you will be celebrating in Heaven and what a wonderful celebration that will be! 

Love always


~ A Christmas Remembrance ~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson   Read >>
~ A Christmas Remembrance ~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson


Kevin and his loving family are in my thoughts
and my prayers this holiday season.
Please have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year
filled with hope and happiness.


Veteran's Day  / Mom   Read >>
Veteran's Day  / Mom

Dear Kevin

Today I talked to the student body at Kenesaw High School.  I talked about your deployement to Iraq.  They sat very still listening to what I said.  I hope I did you and your men service and that whenever they see a Vet or someone in Uniform - they will remember your sacrifice.  I know your death is not in vain and until we meet again rest in peace.  You know my son our love has never been taken away - its still there.  I may not be able to hold you or hear your voice but I do know you are with me.  Mei God hold you in His Arms till we meet again!



Homecoming / Mom   Read >>
Homecoming / Mom

Hey Kev

Homecoming this week at school.  The picture of you and the boys dressed in  the cheerleader's skirts sure bring back memories!  Your little sister Audrey is a candidate this year!  Be with her and the rest of the kids as they celebrate Homecoming this year!  Keep all of them safe and may the memories bring smiles!  Love Mom

Kevin / Pam Gaspers (Mother)  Read >>
Kevin / Pam Gaspers (Mother)


Keep watch over Audrey as school starts.  This is her senior year and I know that you will be there watching as she participates in her sporting events and attends her college visits.  Be there spiritually for her... we know you are very proud of her and you are there for her as you should be.  Take care in Heaven pray for us here on earth and watch over your sisters!



Thinking of you....  / Thera (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you....  / Thera (Friend)

Hey Kev,

Tomorrow marks the one year away from my accident and all I can think about is how lucky I was to have you by my side.  I can't thank you enough for everything I know you have done for me.  Because of you, I can do everything that I have worked so hard for.  I couldn't have achieved any of my accomplishments without you by my side.  You have saved my life.  I truly miss my good friend and can't wait for the day we meet again!  Although it's been 2 years, it's still hard to believe you're gone.  Your prayers have kept me strong!  You are truly an inspiration to all of us.  Keep me strong as I enter the most imperative times of my life!  I love you and miss you so much!


Remembering YOU  / Family Of Angel Garrett Harris (angel family )  Read >>
Remembering YOU  / Family Of Angel Garrett Harris (angel family )

Remembering You today

Lt. Gaspers Close
On Memorial Day 2009  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson   Read >>
On Memorial Day 2009  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson


~LOOK AGAIN, O HEART OF MINE, AND SEE WHAT PASSES BY!.....A CRYING OF REMEMBERED NAMES.....OF DEEDS THAT SHALL NOT DIE. ~ Excerpt from "Memorial Day" by Theodosia Pickering Garrison 1874~1944


1st LT Kevin J Gaspers Scholarship Winners 2009  / John Gaspers (Dad)  Read >>
1st LT Kevin J Gaspers Scholarship Winners 2009  / John Gaspers (Dad)
Drake Schmidt   St Cecila High School  Greg Schlueter   Hastings High School   Tyson Quinn  Adams Central  School                                       Close
Hope / Pam Gaspers (mother)  Read >>
Hope / Pam Gaspers (mother)

Thank you for the kind and understanding words from a soon-to-be LT at UNL.  God helped Kevin that day, two years ago, to enter Heaven and it has been my hope that Kevin completes his mission in Heaven - that is guiding people back to Faith.  We cannot control our destiny; but we can control who we are here on earth.  Kevin tried to be an American, a brother, son, friend, and soldier.  He was always thinking of others and to earn their respect.   Kevin would never take credit or want to receive credit for the honor bestowed on him; that is just the way he was.  He was one of the good ones! All I ask, is to have faith in God - he will lead you to love and understanding.  It is by Faith that I know the love Kevin had for his family and friends has never died; it never will.  That is the one aspect that death cannot rob us of - his love for us.  So, as you start out in this world, try to leave it a better place for others, treat others with respect and understanding and do not compromise your character for the sake of others.  Faith has helped me carry this cross and it will continue to be a source of inspiration to me. 

Pam Gaspers, Mother of Kevin 


To His Parents  / Anonymous Anonymous (none)  Read >>
To His Parents  / Anonymous Anonymous (none)

Mr and Mrs Gaspers,

       I never met your son, but I feel that I knew him. Every day I sit across from a banner with the image of your son. I sit at the very desk he sat at while at UNL. I read the words on this banner daily, and mourn your loss.

      Mrs. Gaspers, words can not describe my deepest sympathies for your loss as a mother. I feel I need to tell you that your words on this site are an encouragement. I can't express how uplifting it is to see your faith in God and knowing that you will see Kevin again. It has helped restore the faith in God that I had turned away from years ago.

     Soon I will join the fight that took your son two years ago. As I go, I will take LT Gasper's actions and deeds with me. I can only hope to lead as he led. I can not describe the impact your son has had on me, even though we never met.

    To the family of LT Gaspers, my heart and my gratitude go out to you. I have never experienced the loss you have, and can only imagine the depths you have experienced- I know these words are not enough to express what your son and brother has done for myself and this country.       

                          With my deepest sympathy,

                                      A future LT

Missing you  / Mom (mother)  Read >>
Missing you  / Mom (mother)

Dear Kevin,

You never said I'm leaving

You never said goodbye

You were gone before I knew it,

And only God knew why

A million times I needed you

A milion times I cried

If love alone could have saved you,

You never would have died

In life I loved you dearly

In death I love you still

In my heart you hold a place,

That no one could ever fill

It broke my heart to lose you,

but you didn't go alone

For part of me went with you

The day God took you home


Love you and miss you very much

Your family

Happy Birthday  / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mom (Mother)

Happy Birthday Kevin,

Wish you were here to celebrate your 28th birthday; but you are in a far better place where there is peace, understanding, love, and God's Grace!   Wish I could hug you one more time and see your loving smile and the twinkle in your eyes; but someday we will be together again and I know that you will be there waiting and smiling.  Knowing you, you will say something like "hey mom, can't wait to show you......"  So, Happy Birthday Kevin!  With all my love, hugs, and kisses - Mom

Hey, Kevin  / Mom (mother)  Read >>
Hey, Kevin  / Mom (mother)
Kevin, can't believe that it will be two years since we last saw you.  I remember it was now that you were home on leave.  We are glad that we got the chance to see you and I will always remember your huge hugs, warm smile, your laughter, and also your presence.  Take care in Heaven and as always I know you are watching over us!  Love Always - Your family Close
Coming to see you  / John McKay (Best Friend )  Read >>
Coming to see you  / John McKay (Best Friend )

Hey old friend, just wanted to let you know that I'll be coming to see you around Christmas after I graduate Airman Leadership School. Maybe now I'll be the leader that you always were.  

See you soon!


Thinking of you  / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Mom (Mother)


These tributes and candles that have been lit in your memory are a testiment to who you were and what life meant to you.  You didn't take the easy way; but rather you made your own path.  You touched so many lives while you were living one can only hope that the lives you touch while in Heaven will be greater.  Keep watch over your friends, loved ones, and those who need inspiration.  Give comfort to those who grieve and bring peace into their hearts.  This Thanksgiving week; we are truly blessed by having you as our son and being able to spend your short time on this earth with us!  Now, until we meet again - know that we love you. 

Your family,

Dad, Mom, Katie, Ryan, and Audrey

Oh My GOSH! We miss you!  / Mattie (One of Audreys Best Friends )  Read >>
Oh My GOSH! We miss you!  / Mattie (One of Audreys Best Friends )


As I sit here and read all these letters, I begin to cry. I had to stop. Im not sure if the ones that say are from you are real, but I am almost positive that they are. You don't mess around. You always got the job done and thats only one of the GREAT qualities you had. You have no idea how much everyone down here misses you. Continue to look out for Audrey, she can get pretty CRAZY sometimes, but thats just Aud! Im VERY greatful to have had the chance to have known you. I dont know Kevin, but theres just something about you that I dont understand. God must REALLY be helping you. Your mom told me about Mrs. Carlan and the balloons, actually on Audreys birthday is when she told me...and Yes, I started to cry. Thats AMAZING! I don't know how you do it. Well, I have got to go to dance class now. I will talk to you again soon! We LOVE you and miss you dearly! Please continue to look over us down here!


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