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Off to War.  / Mark Regenauer (none)  Read >>
Off to War.  / Mark Regenauer (none)
Many of our loved ones are off to war.
They leave us behind for distant shores.
They seek out our enemies to even the score.
But some of them we may never see once more.
We give them our thanks and pray each day
for GOD to watch over them while they are away.
We know that they will do their duty for they are brave
to fight those who would make us their slave.
It is the Armed Forces who fight to keep us free.
For they are willing to die for you and me.
They will do their duty until victory is achieved.
If they die (as your brave Kevin did)
their family will surely grieve.
They are my heroes, so young, so brave and true.
Fighting to protect our flag, the red, white and blue.
It is through the American Spirit that is renewed
and Recognition for their sacrifices is long overdue.
Mr. Gaspers, I will always be grateful to you. Grateful that you stood up so I could be free.
Sincerely Yours,
Mark Regenauer
Age 13
Freedom isn't free...  / Dixie Miller (none)  Read >>
Freedom isn't free...  / Dixie Miller (none)
I watched the flag pass by one day,
it fluttered in the breeze.
A young Soldier saluted it, and then
he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform
so young, so proud
with hair cut into a square and eyes alert
he'd stand out in a crowd.
I thought how many men like him
had fallen through the years.
How many died on foreign soil ?
How many mother's tears ?
How many pilot's planes shot down ?
How many foxholes were soldier's graves ?
No Freedom isn't free.
I heard the sound of TAPS one night,
when everything was still.
I heard the bugler play
and felt a sudden chill.
I wondered how many times
that TAPS meant " Amen "
when a flag had draped a coffin
of a brother or friend.
I thought of all the children,
of the mothers and wives,
of fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, friends,
aunts, uncles and cousins with interrupted lives.
I thought about a graveyard at the edge of town,
your beloved Kevin that you would no longer see,     and all the graves of fallen soldiers across the U.S.A. that to their families they can no longer say,
I love and miss you each and every day.
No Freedom isn't free.
I Love you.  / Mom And Dad Thank You For All The Lessons You Taught Me (You did teach me well )  Read >>
I Love you.  / Mom And Dad Thank You For All The Lessons You Taught Me (You did teach me well )
Your love is a reminder
of my Easter's long ago.
A child looking for a basket,
searching high and low.
It seemed so difficult to find,
yet Mom and Dad you would never tell.
You said "Appreciation is the greater,
finding something hidden well."
That lesson has always stuck with me,
as I patiently searched for you.
At times the road was difficult,
to where I journeyed to.
You are the Easter Basket,
that GOD tucked away.
I do appreciate your love,
each passing day.
Thank You Soldier !!!!  / Nikki Clay (none)  Read >>
Thank You Soldier !!!!  / Nikki Clay (none)
The uniform that you adorn,
a piece of our heritage proudly worn.
Doing what you have to do,
serving our nation brave and true.
You put your life on the line
to protect this simple life of mine.
Our country will stand behind you as one,
for our colors do not run.
The proud and courageous are but a few.
Our hearts and thanks go out to you !!!!
Thank You 1st Lietunant Gaspers for fighting for freedom around the world. I deeply regret that you had to die.
A Soldier's Prayer.  / George Kessler (U.S. Navy(Retired) )  Read >>
A Soldier's Prayer.  / George Kessler (U.S. Navy(Retired) )
Lord, wrap your arms around me
in this hostile, brutal place;
Let me draw peace and comfort
from your restful, sweet embrace.
Help me do my duty
to uphold what is right;
Give me strength and courage
each day and night.
Lord, hear this Soldier's Prayer
to you in Heaven above;
Protect me with your power,
and sustain me with your love.
Deep and sincere sympathy in the loss of your beloved Kevin.
This was the poem my unit said every day when we were in Vietnam. I imagine it is most likely one that was also said by your son's unit as well.
May GOD BLESS you all.
It doesn't seem enough.....  / David Hatfield (none)  Read >>
It doesn't seem enough.....  / David Hatfield (none)
I want to tell you " Thank you,"
but it doesn't seem enough.
Words don't seem sufficient---
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.
Please know that I have deep appreciation
for your brave and selfless act.
You're special, and that's a fact !!!!
Thank you again Mr. Gaspers for defending our nation and freedom.
He's more than a name on a wall......  / Jodi Coan (none)  Read >>
He's more than a name on a wall......  / Jodi Coan (none)
I saw her from a distance
as she walked up to the wall.
In her hand she held some flowers
as she took out pen and paper
as to trace her memories.
And she looked up to heaven
and the words she said were these......
She said, "Lord my boy was special,
and he meant so much to me.
And ,Oh I'd love to see him
just one one time to see.
All I have is memories
and the moments to recall."
So Lord could you tell him,
He's more than a name on the wall......
She said, " He really missed his friends and family
and being home on all the special days
and he died for GOD and Country
in a place so far away."
I remember just a little boy
playing war since three
but LORD this time I know,
he's not coming home to me.
And she said, " LORD my boy was special
and he meant so much to me
and OH I'd love to see him
and I know it just can't be
and so I thank you for the memories
and the moments to recall.
But LORD could you tell him,
he's more than a name on a wall."
Black Sedan  / Jerry Mikesell (none (Vietnam Veteran) )  Read >>
Black Sedan  / Jerry Mikesell (none (Vietnam Veteran) )
One of parents and spouses most terrifying fears.
Has haunted many people for many years.
When we have loved ones over seas,
many of us spend time on our knees.
We pray to GOD almighty above,
that he spare the one we love.
They are the men and women who serve our nation.
They do it as volunteers at their military station.
They stand in harm's way on foreign soil,
it is dangerous, dirty work requiring much toil.
They put their life on a firing line,
sometimes death is as thin as a dime.
And moms, dads, and siblings wait,
they hope and pray they don't have a date.
A date when the black sedan stops
in front of their door.
A military officer steps out and walks solemnly sure.
They carry a message from the Commander in Chief.
The letter opens up with, " It is with deep regret,"
no need to read further, the tears flow sure as a bet.
You stare at the officer: there is a tear in his eye,
he knows your child did not have to die.
They could have stayed on and let others carry on,
but they knew in their heart their friend had gone.
And they wanted to do their part for our nation,
and off they went to the receiving station.
And the last thing they said when they got into that recruiting van,"Don't worry mom and dad; you won't see the black sedan."
Grief like the ocean....  / Angie Parnell (none)  Read >>
Grief like the ocean....  / Angie Parnell (none)
Grief like the ocean, comes in waves only to recede and come yet again. But with it comes healing. Memories wash ashore and are bathed by the golden sun. Grab hold of these memories and let them fill the emptiness and bring you peace.
TAPS. / Hershel Miller (None (WWII Veteran) )  Read >>
TAPS. / Hershel Miller (None (WWII Veteran) )
TAPS the most beautiful bugle call,
known as the most elonquent of all.
Not only the signal the day is done,
but to say goodbye,
to a comrade, brother, or son.
A melody so hauntingly profound,
a piercing yet peaceful sound.
Sounded over every soldiers grave,
to honor those who were so brave.
Soldiers raise their hands to their caps,
saluting the fallen as the bugler plays TAPS.
Rifles are fired in the sky,
to say farewell to another American G.I.
Listening to the bugle play,
reminds us of the price they had to pay.
The sound is bitter sweet,
letting go of a hero,
to someday again meet.
Nothing is more touching perhaps,
or can render emotion like the call of TAPS.
You can hear the bugle weep,
where men of valor sleep.
Tears from a bugle fall,
as TAPS is played,
for the heroes who gave their all.
Heaven's Heroes....  / Ken Meyer (none)  Read >>
Heaven's Heroes....  / Ken Meyer (none)
Thank you for defending my family and my country.
Thank you especially for fighting to make this a better place for my 10 year old daughter to live in.
The following poem is dedicated in your memory and for your selflessness for all of America.
Dry cry for me as I lie in repose,
dying for freedom is what I chose.
There isn't any pain or suffering anymore,
because I've just walked through Heaven's Door.
Here everything is brand new,
I'm with my brothers,
who were proud to die for freedom too.
As you stand before me don't weep,
it is just my body that is asleep.
My spirits soars high above,
where I'm surrounded,
by angel's and God's love.
Thank you for the respects you pay,
I just want you to know,
I've gone home today.
My job here on earth is done,
and my life in Heaven has just begun.
Empty Boots  / Jack Cherwak (none (Korean War Veteran) )  Read >>
Empty Boots  / Jack Cherwak (none (Korean War Veteran) )
Dog tags hang over boots laced up,
a bayonet stabs the ground,
Kevlar perched on a 16 butt,
fellow soldier gather around.
Warriors in their battle gear,
weapons at their side,
bow their heads as words are said,
to honor one who died.
An American hero gave his life
defending liberty,
the price he paid was gladly done,
for counrty and family.
Those boots do not support
a body or soul,
no more they'll run for cover
or some one loved dear to hold.
As one by one, soldiers pass,
this tribute to their own,
thoughts fly to their families
across the ocean foam.
Now salute as TAPS is played,
blink tears out of your eyes,
the ache you feel inside your heart
is Freedom's painful price.
It Has Always Been The Soldier.  / Donetta Jewell (none)  Read >>
It Has Always Been The Soldier.  / Donetta Jewell (none)

It is the soldier,

not the President,

who gives us democracy.


It is the soldier

not the congress,

who takes care of us.


It is the soldier,

not the reporter,

who has given us Freedom of Press.


It is the soldier,

not the poet,

who has given us the Freedom of Speech.


It is the soldier,

not the campus organizer

who has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.


It is the soldier

who salutes the flag,

who serves beneath the flag,

and whose coffin is draped by the flag

that allows the protestor to burn the flag.







Many Steps To The Wall.  / Friends And Former Classmates (at St. Cecilia )  Read >>
Many Steps To The Wall.  / Friends And Former Classmates (at St. Cecilia )
Never thought a step could be so far
as I approached the memorial wall.
A name of my high shool friend Kevin,
I heard his name with tears called.
Standing quietly a grief-stricken man  replied
He was my son you see.
This soldier who died in the Diyala Province,
on foreign soil, in a foreign land.
A memory is what is left to me.
Standing so firm and proud this lad
for his country he gave his life,
would see no children or wife.
Saw my reflection within the wall,
a tear spilled down our cheeks.
Responded to the country's call
but I can only ask, why?
Why did he have to die?
Guess I must stand here and cry.
Kevin you will never be forgotten.
The memories of you will always stay
within our hearts each and every day.
For your family we daily pray.
Thank You.  / Sheena Dawson (none)  Read >>
Thank You.  / Sheena Dawson (none)
I can't shake every hand.
I can't put flowers on every grave.
I can't console every family member.
But I can say Thank You.
You have given me the freedom I enjoy today.
Your blood was shed in place of mine.
Your family grieved so mine could rejoice.
All I can say is Thank You.
There are no words big enough.
There are no hugs strong enough.
There is not a smile wide enough.
All I can say is Thank You.
You are my hero.
You are in my thoughts.
You are in my prayers.
For all you've done, Thank You.
1st Lt. Gaspers you are a true American Hero.
Thank You for sacrificing your life and giving it all,
so that America remains safe and free. Thank You again from the bottom of my heart.
From me to you.
Soldiers Do Cry.  / Bob Mattingly (none (Retired Army & WWII Veteran) )  Read >>
Soldiers Do Cry.  / Bob Mattingly (none (Retired Army & WWII Veteran) )
Don't believe that soldiers don't cry.
Mustn't believe everything you read.
For someone told you a lie.
I was a soldier, and I have cried.
A friend was taken from me
carried in my arms, I saw him die
as silver tears came from my eyes.
To this soldier, said my goodbye.
I saw him placed within a box
loaded on a home bound plane.
For family and friends nothing is the same.
He stood so tall and proud......
this I must say quiet loud.
For friends, family and all
he sacrificed and took the ultimate fall.
May GOD hold you safely in His arms this night and all nights for the rest of your lives.
Robert Mattingly
Retired U.S. Army
Eagles / Laura Cox (none)  Read >>
Eagles / Laura Cox (none)
To bring down evil,
some must fall.
To fight for right,
some answer the call.
To help the oppressed
some give up their time,
their homes, their loves,
they're eagles not doves.
To keep peace
for those in need
some go into wars
of just we read.
To keep us safe,
it's soldiers we call.
They will all give some
and some will give all.
Thank you Lt. Gaspers for defending freedom. I am so sorry that you had to give it all. I will forever be grateful for you and all the sacrifices that you and all of America's soldiers so bravely and selflessly give to make the world a better place.
Red, White, and Blue without you  / Jen Chladek (friend)  Read >>
Red, White, and Blue without you  / Jen Chladek (friend)

Kevin- I'm sure that you recognize the title from the subject line of one of my e/mails from 'back in the day'... 

 In a couple of days it will have been exactly a year since I last heard from you. What a surprise to get that e/mail on my birthday. Now 12 months later, I'm missing you like I did that day. Wishing that things were different and that you weren't so far away. I hate that I said what it turns out I never needed to say - 'please don't write me again' - when I would give anything to hear from you like that again.  I'm grateful that I never held back from telling you how amazing of a man you are. I know that it was hard for you to see it, but hopefully it's starting to sink in now that others keep pointing it out too. As uncomfortable as it would have made you feel - I wish you could've heard these words while you were here... to know just how much you're admired, respected, and loved.

You were my hero long before you served this country or died for my freedom. I cherish the love we had and am so proud to have called you mine for a time. You must be so busy checking in on all these people who love you, so I'll let you go for a moment. But don't doubt for a minute that a not a single second goes by that I don't hold you in my heart.

Love Always- Jen

1Cor 13:13

Dear Soldier.  / Chloe Coan (grateful American )  Read >>
Dear Soldier.  / Chloe Coan (grateful American )
I am grateful you chose to go
when others said the cause was wrong.
You did not turn your back
in order to help in some way to bring about peace.
I am grateful for you because tonight
I can sit down and eat a warm meal.
I am grateful to you because of your sacrifice
I can say." I don't like war."
This without worrying that my door
will be kicked in and I will be dragged away.
Mostly I am grateful to you because of your sacrifices,
I am reminded once again of what it is I have.
For this I am grateful to you,
because I can go out
and say the absolutely dumbest things,
and do so because being dumb is not a crime.
I am grateful to you,
because I can sit down with family and friends
and have a meal in peace.
I am also grateful to you because if I think a certain politician is a fool.......
I can say it without being lined up against the wall and being shot.
There are many things dear soldier
that I am grateful to you,
because of the fact you didn't say no.
Peace be with you and yours
and most of all I salute you,
because well I am grateful to you dear soldier.
American Soldier.  / Connie Wade (none)  Read >>
American Soldier.  / Connie Wade (none)
They ask him why he's leaving,
why he's shipped off to fight.
They fail to see what's on the line,
all their freedoms, all their rights.
Comprehension is beyond their grasps,
that someone has got to go.
And while every breath may be his last
no fear, no doubt he will ever show.
Beacuse he knows that if he dies
in some far off land,
that his valiant efforts may save lives
of his countrymen, family and friends.
And that girl's picture in his pocket,
though how he longs to hold her.
Will forever be carried in the heart
of this true American Soldier.
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